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Monday, November 14, 2011


 1. Innovative and simple game-play using a mixed of motion sensitivity and aiming device.
2. Opened the gaming doors to people all ages.
3. Affordable for people of a variety of economic classes.

 1.The big difference between the Wii game system and the PS3 is graphics. The PlayStation 3 has graphics that look near real-life using a 256MB GDDR3* graphics card where the Wii has a 64MB GDDR3* graphics card.
2.Low number of TV advertisement.
3.high competition from other console such as: XBOX 360 & Sony PlayStation 3.

1-Potential to gain market share by offering lower priced game system as other competitor’s prices continue to rise
2-Opportunity to compete based on measures other than price, such as user gameplay and social abilities.

1-Lack of market power could make it difficult for Nintendo to re-emerge.
2-Lower price could result in lower quality graphics.
3-Competitors may be able to reach economies of scale if sales reach a certain level, resulting in a decrease in competitors' price, ruining Nintendo's price advantage.

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