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Monday, November 14, 2011


Wii as new technology of gaming and entertainment represents a different method of playing and making fun. it gathers all forms of physical activity and amusing feelings. it competes other gaming systems or devices by letting people move some steps away from their seats. USP of  this campaign aims to show Nintendo wii with a crystal image that illustrates its way of playing that seems interesting for whole family members.  Also this campaign wants to tell customers that this machine doesn’t have that sophisticated graphical power of other devices, but it competes them through its physical motivation for people to be gathered and make some efforts. We cant forget its affordable price that makes it more desired by people to discover a new world of physical gaming performance. The additional thing that would make it more acceptable at people is its social figure. It develops the interactive treatment between parents and children, for example rather than sitting alone to play a certain game without the interference of others.

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