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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


1-Which group are you in:
-Between 18 -25        -Between 26-35
-Between 36-45        -Between 46-55
-56 or above

2-What is your gender:

3-Do you own the Nintendo Wii:

4-Who do you play the Wii with:

5-What is the reason of playing the Wii:
Physical exercise
-Social activity
- Boredom

6-How long do you spend on playing video games per week?
-Less than one hour
-1-2 hours
-3-5 hours
-More than 5 hours

7-What is you favorite video game console:
-Nintendo Wii

8-How often do you buy Gaming magazines:
-Not often
9-How often do you buy a new game console:
-Immediately after w new console is released
-Not often

10-Rate the importance of the brand when you are buying a new video game console (5 is the high preference):

11-Rate the importance of adding high-tech features as gaming actions and graphic quality to the video game (5 is the high preference):

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