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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 4p's of Wii

The Wii, Nintendo's 7th generation video game console, represents a bold new direction for the company. The integration of a motion-sensitive controller combined with the decision to create a more modest technological improvement in processing power and graphics, has separated the Wii from the rest of the pack.
Wii console comes with a wireless controller (and nunchuk adapter), the sensor bar, a cradle for vertical mounting, a power adapter, a set of A/V cables, and Wii Sports (5 minigames)
1.75 inches high x 6.25 inches wide x 8.5 inches deep.
Slot-loading mechanism allowing for Wii discs (12cm) and Gamecube disks (8cm). The Wii has full backwards compatibility with the Gamecube
512MB of internal memory, plus a secure digital (SD) card slot for additional storage
WiFi capabilities allow for online communication, downloads, and competition.
Does not play audio CDs or DVDs.

The Wii, priced at $250, is $150 cheaper than its competitor (XBOX360). Nintendo decided to let Microsoft and Sony compete in the high-priced arena. Also Wii games cost no more than $50, compared to $60 for most XBox360 and PS3 games.

The Wii is targeting a very large age-range and level of gamer. This is evident in Nintendo's promotional strategy. Using their competitive advantage (user interaction), Nintendo has created a marketing campaign consisting of many TV commercials and a huge online buzz. The commercials and pictures cross cultural boundaries as well as age boundaries; students can play while they're in different countries  and parents are shown playing golf against their kids. Finally, it seems like there are more Wii blogs than PS3 or Xbox360. It is unique for a company to target such a vast array of segments.

The Wii has been one of the fastest selling products in recent history; Wii is going to be online purchased and. Places such as: STC(All branche),Khoury home(All branches),Virgin megastore(All branches) ,Malls(beirut,Geant city Mall,ABC Achrafieh,ABC Dbayeh) and Soon City Center Mall and places that has High-tech video games and Toys, and online purchasing is on

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