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Monday, November 14, 2011

·   Nintendo Wii vision:
Nintendo Wii is a new style of playing absolutely new, Wii unveiling the next leap in gaming where playing is no longer about looks, now its about the feel. Also it’s for everyone not just for the few.
The next step is not just about what you see, because what you see is not always what you get, It’s about playing and surely playing now is believing.

·   Target Audience
Wii was made for Teenagers and also who’s interested in the video gaming world and the kind of people that want to try new kind od gaming but now it has a wide users even the family with all ages. It allows everybody to pick up and play  and its not for the core gamers we are trying to convey the message that the Wii is fun for everyone regardless of age, sex, and culture.

·   The competitor(s)
XBOX 360   - Sony PlayStation 3
As we mention Sony ps3 or Xbox, we go so far to talk about two of the strictest competitors of WII in the game technologies community. Their capabilities to show games with high definition format and giant graphical utilities make WII in a very sharp circle of competition. So that motivates WII manufacturers to develop more in its techniques and graphical performance. Without denying the competitive prices while buying ps3 or Xbox piece.

Concept of the campaign
Which focus on various reasons why Wii is perfect for a young family – it’s creative, social, active, safe and fun. we will also focus on the interaction concept which changed the whole concept of the gaming process. Wii was made for bigger groups to play with it not just a lazy person wanting to sit on their butt and play all day. You actually have to be physical.

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