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Friday, November 18, 2011

Best selling wii games

5. Below is the top 5 best-selling Wii games to date. You will be amazed by how much some of them have sold.5. Wii Fit - First on the list is Wii fit. The game that keeps you fit whilst having fun playing. Using a piece of hardware called a balance board. Wii fit allows you to take part in various exercise, such as strength training, yoga, balance games and aerobics. Even tracking your progress, performing regular weigh-ins and having your own personal trainer onscreen. Continuing to be popular, with new updates being released since the original.
Sold 22.61 million copies to date!
4. Wii play - This fun, family game allows everyone to interact and play various different games using the traditional controller and the nunchuk. With 9 games to choose from, theres something for all ages. Games are of the party type, making this a very exciting and enjoyable to play.
Sold 27.38 million copies to date!
3. Wii Sports Resort - The more recent in the Wii sports series, has sold more the 27 million copies already. With many new features, and the first game in the best-selling list to take advantage of the Wii motion plus control. This comes included in the game and makes interacting more accurate and life like. Wii sports resort has many games to play, such as sword fighting, wake boarding and basketball.
Sold 27.68 million copies to date!
2. Mario Kart Wii - The first Mario game in the top 5 list. Mario kart allows users to play with the traditional controller, or the steering wheel attachment. Playing as some of there favourite Mario characters, on a number of arenas and race tracks. You can even play online and battle against other fanatics from across the world.
Sold 28.23 million copies to date!
1. Wii Sports - The number one best-selling Wii game of all time is Wii sports. Selling just over 76 million copies so far. It was the original sports game, allowing users to play up to 5 different sports. Mimicking real life body movements, and tracking players stats and ability levels. Such sports as boxing, tennis, gold, bowling and baseball can be played.
With a massive 76.76 million copies sold so far since the release of the Nintendo Wii.
For a more in-depth look at the best-selling Wii games ever, have a look here.
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