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Saturday, October 15, 2011

wii philosophy

 The Wii philosophy is something that is being emblazoned all over Nintendo’s promotional material. Just a quick look at most official Wii websites and you are accosted with a word that has been the new buzz in gaming ever since Nintendo started ‘thinking outside the box’. For a while it was just a word used by the media, but when Nintendo realised how intelligent it sounded they started plastering it on anything that moved. And they have never looked back. The fact that the Nintendo Wii has a ‘philosophy’ is about as ridiculous as Disney films having a polemic message.

Mr.wii box

 the Wii philosophy is all about:

 • ‘A New Style of Gaming’
 • ‘Break[ing] Down the Walls’
 • ‘Expanding the Audience’
 • ‘Unique Experiences’

 In essence, Nintendo are going for what we all seek in our everyday lives. Clarity and openness (breaking down the walls), socially developing and integrating (expanding the audience) and the unexpected and the exciting (unique experiences and a new style of gaming). They are offering what any Media Studies student worth their salt (and that isn’t much worth) will excitedly inform you are ‘audience pleasures’. If you can please your au-dience (in a strictly non-sexual way), then you are already over half the way to winning ‘the battle’.

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