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Monday, October 24, 2011


 The typical gamer previously was between the ages of nine and twenty four and male.  Nintendo plans to market the Wii to both male and female of all ages.  They have also asked themselves how to get people involved if they are not into gaming.  Nintendo has hopes to make the Wii a living-room center piece by including various media channels meant to appeal to others who are not gamers.  They have incorporated different “channels” onto the Wii’s main menu.  A channel is an interactive application that is not necessarily a game.  Nintendo has integrated an 802.11g wireless card into their system.  This means that if you have a wireless network in your home, you can use these channels.  One of which is an Opera web browser allowing you to surf the internet.  Also included is a sports channel and weather channel.  All this is available at your fingertips without leaving your family room.

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