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Monday, October 24, 2011

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Nintendo Wii – Whos the target market?

Who is Nintendos target market for the Wii? Avid gamers would say that the Wii is a kids game. i recently purchased one and my 5yo son absolutly loves it so those that sy it is for kids are at least partly right. But… i have seen and heard more and more stories of how the baby boomers have begun to pick up gaming after the introduction of this new console. I even read an article about physical therapists using the Wii to aid patients in hospitals.  Retirement homes around the globe have incorparated the Wii as an activity at their facilities, holding bowling tournaments and never even having to pick up a ball. But if its not the kids, and it is not the baby boomers, is it gen x or gen y? Well i know i love to play the Wii but i cant say that i love it more than either of the other two demographics. Who knows? Just food for thought.

3 Responses to “Nintendo Wii – Whos the target market?”

  1. Scott S Says:
    I think the Wii is great. Now more then ever we have problems with our kids and their weight. The Wii is a very interactive gaming system. They have a new Wii game called Wii Fit. It is all about getting in shape. I once saw a exercise bike that was hooked up to a TV. If you peddled the bike the TV would come on. If not, no TV. We really need to think about our kids. If we are going to let them stay inside and play games it should be on the Wii. At least they are getting some kind of exercise.
  2. northwoodinfo12 Says:
    The Nintendo Wii is a very good product. The generation y and some generation x will really increase the sales of this product. However, there are some baby boomers who are really gaming more than ever before.
  3. mellowe47 Says:
    I think the minds behind the Wii knew exactly what they were doing. We are all concerned about ours and our kids activity levels. the Wii took a look at this and used virtual reality to help make us more active. So we get cool technology and without even thinking about it more activity. It’s not just for kids, it’s for any and all that need to get up off the couch and do something.

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