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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The competitors

Playstation3 and XBOX 360

    Sony Playstation 3

  • Console price of $499 (with 20 gigabyte hard drive and Ethernet) and $599 (60 GB hard drive, built-in WiFi)
  • $50-$60 video game prices
  • Game console offers the most high-tech graphics seen on a video game yet
  • Utilizes blue-ray HD DVD disks for video games, but allows for all other disk media forms to be played
  • Uses a wireless motion and tilt-sensitive controller
  • Capable of running Playstation© & Playstation 2© formatted games and connecting to PSP©
  • Offers a free online gaming experience with internet access

    Microsoft XBOX 360

  • Console price $299 for the Core system (console, controller and video cable) or $399 (console, 20 GB hard drive, wireless controller, headset, HD video and Ethernet cables)
  • $40-$60 video game price
  • First game capable of displaying game in HD format
  • Capable of playing DVDs and CDs
  • Offers XBOX Live©, an online community of video game users with both a free version and a yearly-fee version with more options
  • XBOX live offers ability to download TV shows and movies for viewing on XBOX
  • Combatible with all games from original XBOX©

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